Patch notes:

- Fixed lots of typos

- Got rid of the scary stories npcs (I'm sorry)

- Fixed Item duplication glitch

- Fixed crash when dying in dark rooms

hope you all have a nice day



Apr 14, 2019



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Another quick little bug, started a new game and started rolling everywhere, rolled toward the first eye door (without the eye) and I guess clipped into the eye room. The one with dog behind the desk and the three people muttering,.

A quick bug, if I'm not doing something wrong. Whenever I go into a completely dark room, the flashlight/light to get around never shows up. It stays completely dark but I can still move around (and get hurt) judging from the many sounds of pain from both the player character and enemies if I manage to hit them. I've tried pressing keys, clicking my mouse but nothing. If I'm missing a keypress tell me but this has happened on two different computers of mine. Am I missing something?

Ill look into this, thanks for letting me know!

so, I found a bug in the first stage of the game, if you just use dodge in the corner of the door of heavy containment, you can walk out the map


Thanks for the info, Ill be making another patch soon