A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game about being abandoned.  It's about a place where people end up when they have nowhere else to go. It's a place that only opens to people who are there to listen to the deepest parts of the woods and oceans.  Most end up rotting here, but im sure some find a way out, if its possible.

Based off my web comic ---> https://tapas.io/series/WELCOMEHOME

WELCOME HOME is a passion project created by me with the help of two other amazing people (credited below) 

I sincerely hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it, also PLEASE send feedback, id like to make this something special and could use any and all feed back to make the game better

William Burke (artist, animator, writer, programmer) https://twitter.com/QwertEffects


Josh Cominelli (sound and music designer) https://soundcloud.com/josh-cominelli

Greer Viau (programmer) https://github.com/greerviau



Development log


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Loving the style and want moar music like what I heard in the trailer :P - Have a 2-part series coming all out for the demo - Hope everyone enjoys.


I LOVE IT! im not finished, but i already love it. Sound design is great, graphics are great. My only suggestion, is possibly consider making C dodge, as its easier to hit during combat. Other then that, as far as core game, no complaints. im excited to complete this.