First ACTUAL dev log

Im very happy to say that after 2 years of development and teaching myself how to script and animate sprite art, ive finally finished a workable game.  I know its not much right now but I can promise MUCH more in the future.  I really hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it.

for those interested, here is a list of things im planning on adding that are still being worked on.

1. More enemies. there wont be just those lame little ghosts that are super easy to kill. I want to make a TON more enemy types but they still need to be worked on a little. Ive actually added animations to one enemy being added to the attached files

2. Bosses. yes Bosses and just like the soon to be added enemies, they need to be worked on and fixed before being added.

3 More equiptables. I have a few ideas for a variety of equitable items that wont just function like keys, some effect combat, some can effect what you see in certain areas. Id love to hear suggestions for some

4. A metric fuck ton of areas to explore. This game is HEAVILY exploration based so I will be adding a lot more events and places to see.

5. better attack animations. I wanted to do attack combos including a dodge attack to really put more depth into the combat of the game. as of right now its a bit lack luster and could use some improvements

Anyway, id love to hear ANY suggestions you guys might have. I want this to be something good and getting useful feed back makes it a lot easier to make it that way.


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